Contact: Aneesh Suneja, MBA

Co-Author & President


Patient Wait Times:  Tracked Real Time 

​​“Using the real-time data that is collected allows us to use the metrics to analyze where the bottlenecks are and determine how to prevent them, eliminate waste in the system for patients and improve the patient’s overall experience."  

“With eSynchrony, I’ve been able to ramp up my patient load while not increasing my hours. In addition, I like knowing where each patient is in our process at all times. This allows me to do things like make adjustments so patients aren’t waiting an excessive amount of time before I see them.” 

​​​Transforming Patient Experience

Front Desk

Clinic Workrooms

Improved Teamwork, Communication and Satisfaction


  • -20 minute reduction in average patient wait times
  • +25% improvement in teamwork 
  • +80% improvement in physician satisfaction scores
  • +25% improvement in staff satisfaction scores
  • -66% reduction in clinic noise levels

Based on over 12 years of successful transformation experiences, we are excited to share our proven software solution for dramatically reduce patient wait times:

  • -20 Minutes Patient Wait Times Reduction

  • Increased Access By 1-2 Slots Per Clinic

  • +25% Increase in Staff Satisfaction 

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Sample Results 

“Using eSynchrony reduces the chaos and confusion in our office. It allows us to communicate to each other where each patient is in our process, how long they’ve been there and any special patient instructions. The software also generates a daily review of how things went so we can make improvements to our process on a continuous basis.”