Contact:  Aneesh Suneja, MBA

Author, Coach & Trainer


"I congratulate you on delivering a clear and CONCISE argument for our ability to transform our practices in a manner that adds value for ALL involved! Tremendous!"

Michael Garren, MD, FACS, FAMBS

Clinical Professor of Surgery 

Clinical Director, UW Health at The American Center

Division of General Surgery

Department of Surgery | University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

President, Wisconsin Surgical Society

Return on Investment:

25 to 1

Before:  69.4 Min

>97% patient satisfaction scores



Item#:  H1501



-85% decrease in Average patient wait times

After - 10.5 Min

​​we believe that patients' time is as valuable as the provider's time in creating an 

EXCEPTIONAL patient experience





Patient Experience,  Provider Value, Sustainability

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Dennis P. Han, M.D.

Transforming Healthcare, One Patient Experience at a Time

Dr. Dennis Han has an interesting story to tell.  As a result of a FlowOne transformation project, Han's patients experienced an 85% reduction in non-value added wait times, and a corresponding 97% "top box" rating on patient satisfaction surveys ("strongly recommend this doctor's office to others").   

Financially, his practice saw a 25% year-over-year increase in relative value units (RVU) production and a 41% increase in payments due to increased physician availability.