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In a time when government cost pressures, staff shortages and skyrocketing demand call for a whole new form of healthcare provision, FlowOne delivers transformation with a track record. Through healthcare experience, we bring the proven transformative power of Lean process improvement to all types of practice environments, including:

In every setting, engagement is the constant. FlowOne takes lean Lean principles out of the conference room and into the real world of physicians, administrators and support staff. The commitment continues as we help you build a generation of your own Lean leaders, supported by ongoing FlowOne coaching and continued monitoring of performance data.

FlowOne in the News

Quiet Revolution,” by Aneesh Suneja, appearing in Hospitals & Health Networks magazine, August 2010

FlowOne client wins 2010 Biz Times Health Care Heroes award for Corporate Achievement 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article featuring Aneesh’s work with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin: Lean Principles Move From Factory Floor to Clinic

Business Times article featuring Dr. Channing Tassone, orthopedic surgeon and FlowOne physician champion: Children’s Hospital is Going Lean 

Training offered through the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Wisconsin Hospital Association


Clinical Transformation

A meaningful, lasting way to engineer lasting culture change. Experience it!

Now Available

Lean Doctors: A Bold and Practical Guide to Using Lean Principles to Transform Healthcare Systems, One Doctor at a Time
Lean Doctors,
by FlowOne founders Aneesh and Carolyn Suneja, offers an in depth look at the Six Success Steps and two strategic decisions involved in a Lean transformation in healthcare. We use a detailed case study–Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s orthopedic clinic–to illustrate each step and provide insights from the physicians, care team members and administrators involved in the clinic’s transformation.




Just Released

The Lean Doctors Workbook: An Application Guide for Transforming Outpatient Clinic Systems with Lean 

With its interactive format and step-by-step design, this workbook is ideal for use in the classroom to teach Lean principles, or with a Lean project team to guide a clinical implementation.  Together with Lean Doctors, this workbook will help the student of Lean or the Lean project team learn and apply a complete Lean system in a healthcare setting.  For ordering information, please visit


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