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Patient Satisfaction, Physician Engagement and Staff Empowerment

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Dennis P. Han, M.D.

Dr. Dennis Han has an interesting story to tell.  As a result of a FlowOne transformation project, Han's patients experienced an 85% reduction in non-value added wait times, and a corresponding 97% "top box" rating on patient satisfaction surveys ("strongly recommend this doctor's office to others").   

Financially, his practice saw a 25% year-over-year increase in relative value units (RVU) production and a 41% increase in payments due to increased physician availability.  

"Physician office managers and their medical staff would be the primary targets for this book.  However, I also see it being applicable  to the higher education setting….[such as in colleges and institutions teaching healthcare improvement.]"

Jim Bente

Vice President, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, College of duPage

Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon Universitiy

Return on Investment:

25 to 1

After - 10.5 Min

Transforming Healthcare, One Patient Experience at a Time

​​we believe that patients' time is as valuable as the provider's time in creating an 

EXCEPTIONAL patient experience






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-85% decrease in Average patient wait times

Before:  69.4 Min