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Dr. Martinez Hosts a Tour  to Discuss Austin Retina's Lean Journey 

"I am HAPPY," says Dr. Martinez.  "My patients are happier with shorter wait times, they tell my team how satisfied they are with their visits and that makes my staff happy."  Dr. Martinez, the managing partner for Austin Retina Associates, is able to see more patients; finishes the clinics earlier; and he is taking the lead in using the eSynchrony lean software.     


"Every employee within a healthcare organization is ultimately in charge of making sure that the patient receives the best medical care; however in most practices, there is a top down approach to suggestions and ideas, making employees feel that their contributions are minuscule.  What our office has learned with Aneesh and his coaching of the Lean Doctors principles, is that everyone within the organization is valuable to the success of treating and caring for a patient, and it's their ideas and on the fly problem solving skills right on the front line that make the most impact in accomplishing the vision or the mission of an organization."  

Stephanie Collins
Practice Administrator, Austin Retina Associates 

-54% decrease in Average patient visit lengths

After:  60 Min

Return On Investment:

24 to 1

Before:  130 Min

"Lean Doctors has made a huge impact in our clinic and from everyone's perspective (physician, patient, staff).  I admit that I was skeptical at first.  I did not anticipate the impact that the  concepts would have on patient flow, wait times, efficiency of the clinic and reduction of patient/physician/staff frustration levels. I look forward to each clinic now and the opportunity to see patients in a calm, controlled and orderly manner.  My only regret is that we didn't implement Lean Doctors earlier in my career."  William R. Nunery, M.D.