Detailed room design is accomplished through simulations and feedback

Are the physicians and the staff co-located in PODs, facing each other, or are they physically separated from each other? 

Maximize Space Utilization

Are the patients complaining about long wait times?  Are they moving from room to room to get through their visit?

Physicians and the front line staff receive FlowOne training and map their own workflows to identify opportunities

 Data is used to generate a new layout to reduce waste and improve the patient experience

Results include unique personalized building designs  for maximum efficiencies, reduced patient wait times and timely communication

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Data is collected on patient flow (wait times, movement, equipment)  to identify major opportunities 

​​​Transforming Patient Experience

Increased Space Utilization:  +20% Improvement

Are the supplies, equipment and testing staff located to minimize footsteps?  How often are the rooms empty and not being utilized?

Contact: Aneesh Suneja, MBA

Co-Author & President